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January 26, 2010


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So lovely to see you back! Good luck with all your intentions for this year :)


Great to hear about/from you again! Say hello to Spike from us.


Glad to have you back blogging Annie-I didnt give up on you. I also went skiing although it wasnt just as successful as your trip(see my blog). However am still looking forward to taking the kids some day! Have a great 2010, Sheila xo

anna bowkis

yeah annie is blogging again!!!!
will ring you to make arrangements for next week xx

sara lambert

Nooooo, if you have started blogging again do I have to too?! xx Hey, you might not eat rabbit and pheasant - but what about duck??!! xxx


Good to have you back..and NO!...you must not stop blogging, how else can we see your cute kids! Enjoy 2010.

Melanie C

Keep blogging! If you keep up your blog, then I'll keep up mine too! We miss you and your energy.

greta adams

sounds so lovely!! i want to go back to disney world in orlando...especially since universal is doing the whole harry potter thing they are unveiling this spring....


Great to have you back missed your blog and beautiful photos.


Hey Annie, nice to see you back blogging - Happy New Year! Addie's swimming talents amaze me. Hope you keep up the blogging.

Sandie Vincent

So good to see you blogging again Annie!! Loving your gorgeous pics of Dean and Addie!


It's great to see you posting again!! I missed hearing - and seeing - all the great stuff your cute kids are up to - and your wonderful SB creations too. Your goals for 2010 are great - good luck!


Glad to see you back in blogland with wonderful pictures as usual. I can't believe Addie is three - she looks even older, esp. in uniform! Yikes.

Sasha Farina

i say it's about TIME!! loved seeing your photos Annie!


Miss your blog - hope all is OK with you all.

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Nice pics. swims under water, dives to the bottom of the pool for rings, and jumps right into the pool all by herself..
I love the Kids.

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