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September 06, 2009


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Your kids are sooo cute! I love that uniform. He's adorable. And I have to tell you how much I loved your projects for TSR. You are a beautiful embroiderer. Totally want that book now because I have this little obsession with embroidery even though I haven't done too much with it yet. Hope you have a great day!


Such a HANDSOME boy!!! :D Love the book & such a great idea to jazz up the pants!! Cute! :)

Sasha Farina

you're making me wanna start stitching again!!


Oh my word I can't get over how much they've grown!! Addie is looking like a little girl now instead of a toddler IYKWIM! Great pics x

sara lambert

Great pictures hun, I know I'm a bad blogger - not really in the mood, I just facebook instead! xx

greta adams

girl i cannot believe how big they are getting...time is going way to fast... :(

ur right i don't stop...lol... i have boy and girl hangers made in stock and ready to go complete with crosses..just let me know which one you are interested in :)


aww Dean looks so grown up, love the embroidery. will ring you after work xx


love these and the pics are just stunning. Did you see that sewing machine that hooks up to your computer and does it ALL .. to include embroidery?? Killer jeans girl

love it


Oh my word, how cute are your kids! And getting so big. We have to get together before they all turn into teenagers! Love the sewing - fancy a bit of that for my own jeans:)

Brenda H

how cute are thos pants!!! What a great idea- i have a ton of jeans for Bay i could do that too - great idea! And what a handsome little guy you have!


You came back to blogging - yeah!!! So good to see your cute kids, be inspired by your LOs and embroidery and hear about your summer. I want to hear more about your traveling :))


Hi, followed you from irene tan, cute blog, love your photos and that pants is oh so cute!

sandy mctier

Oh...brings back so many memories!!! My boys had the same bag - Rougham Primary but they all went to Culford Nursery that is right there by the school.
Have a great week!


Oh my! Your little girl has grown up so much and she is just cuter than ever. Glad to see life is good for you.

greta adams

i embroider (machine embroider) shirts for all melanas friends this week with a cute girly skull and it says kindergarten rocks....i have some pre school ones too...so stinking cute...

loving the hand embroidery you have done...i don't have the patience for that my friend....i get aggrevated to easy :)

he is getting so darn big and so is she...before long you will be taking her to kindergarten... {deep sigh}


Dean is so cuuute with the uniform !!!!!
I love your prject !

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