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June 11, 2009


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sara lambert

Wow, Addie suddenly looks so grown up in that Greek photo, and I love the concentration on Deans face. Also love the lo of Ad's - is that a psalm? Please e-mail it to me as I NEED to use it and cannot quite read it all! Hope the review is going okay - please will you just double check you don't have my copy anywhere?! Thanks hun xxx


WOW Dean is growing up so fast, and Addie too. Its so hard when they become "big" kids not our babies anymore, so sympathise with you there xx


I hear you on the growing up too fast - there should be a law against that! Dean does look so grown up in those photos. I did a layout last year about the difference the 10 months of P1 made to Patrick and it still shocks me. Lucky you have that adorable Addie cracking you up and staving off the tears:) Let's chat soon xx


Congrats to Dean! Great photos of your babies too! I love that one of Addie, so cute and the one in the last layout, adorable! I like the necklaces, great taste! :)

kim whitten

Lovely photos - and simply adorable kiddos! :)
So glad I followed your link from SIStv.

Shelley Haganman

Kids DO grow up so fast! I feel like my kids were this age just yesterday!! Now they are 20, 17, and 16. Your children are just adorable!


we new he would be a star
great pictures


Hi Annie,
Just popping by to say hello (been a long while)!
I so miss sports days! Wish they had those here but with my boys in middle and high school I'm sure they would HATE them!
Have a wonderful week.

Brenda H

Hey cutie - your layouts are beautiful and so are your children! Love the pictures from Greece too. ISn't it amazing how trips like that affect them - our disney cruise was last October and they still bring it up. So fun!

noel culbertson

love, love, love the pictures and layouts. you little guy is too cute racing around. how fun is that?!

sasha farina

what a beautiful family! what a treasure! *hugs*

sandy mctier

Hi Annie,
Hope you and your family have a wonderful 4th of July!!

Kariss Sen

Sweet looking layouts! They always look great. Greece!!!! Oh, im super jealous! We never made it out there! I hear its beautiful!! The pictures totally prove it! Hopefully we can get sent back to England or Italy! We arent liking it back here!! haha

Hope you and your family are all in good health!

*god bless*



My goodness ANnie!! GOrgeous eyecandy again..
the layouts.. the photography .. AND your little ones ;)


Wow these pics are amazing. And kudos to your little athlete!


Your kids are so adorable… it’s amazing how they grow up so fast, believe me, I know. I have a 5 year old son, and he said he already have 2 girlfriends. What I mean is his not a baby anymore. Soon he'll be a teenager and I’ going to miss his hugs and kisses.

Oh! Those layouts are wonderful. It’s nice to layout those baby pictures.
to keep those wonderful moments treasured.

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Well that’s life, the next thing you know it… they’ll be getting married, and then you will soon have your grandchildren. Oh! How time flies. Best wishes to you all.


Please, DO come to Greece and teach us Greek Scrapbookers a few lessons on making a proper layout!!! We definitely need your inspiration and ideas!!!

A scrapbooker from Greece

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