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June 06, 2009


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Dang. Jealous!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D Looks like a lovely vaccay!! And addie is soooooo lookin like you!!!


adore these photos!! so pleased you had fun!
Hugs xx


OMG! Can you say FREAKING JEALOUS! I want to go!!! Maybe Jay and I can head over there for our 10 year anniversary??? You look so cute, you know I am loving your short, sassy hair girl! Miss and love you!


Blue skies & blue water... what more could you possibly ask for? Amazing photos. Life is good! :-)


All looks stunning and you have the Boden top on that I wanted !! Looking foward to catching up next weekend xxx


Now I really want to go on a hot holiday somewhere! Love the photos!


Wow, Greece looks amazing - could definitely do with some 'relaxing' time myself!


oh my goodness!!! would LOVE to be in greece at the moment!!
gosh.. great atmoshpere!

Tricia Wilson

What an amazing vacation! We love to go, see, do on vacations too, but your right, every once in awhile it's good to slow down & relax. Your pictures of Greece are AMAZING!


omg!!! I loooove those photos of Greece. I've noticed with little kids...as long as they're having fun...we (I) have a true vacation. :)
Can't wait to go on our hot holiday...just three more weeks!!! Yeah!


Sounds like a great vacation!


WOW!! How gorgeous is that water. I love the photos! Looks like the whole family had a wonderful and relaxing vacation. Miss you!!

Angie Grover

Your pictures of Greece are amazing. It is so beautiful. How lucky you are to be able to visit such a place!

Dena Coe

Ohhh my goodness! those pictures are SUBLIME. I am greatly jealous of your amazing vacation. I want to travel to Greece so bad and you all but confirmed that notion!


What marvelous pictures you have of your vacation! Our DD loved it there too so it's definitely on our list of places to visit soon - right after Africa, Australia, Antarctica, etc. etc. etc.!!! It was nice to catch up with you again - I must remember to come more often :))

greta adams

{deep sigh} i am on vacation mentally right now through your pictures!!
i have to say i am one jealous chicka!! :)

Shelley Haganman

I love your photos of Greece! It looks so beautiful. It is on my bucket list! It looks like your family had a great time!!


Gorgeous pics! I love your angles!

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