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May 14, 2009


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ugh, dang! glad you're starting to feel better, what an ordeal!


oh hunny!!!!! wish i lived closer :(
thank goodness you have good friends so close and are now on the mend.
I will try and catch you tomorrow after work
huge hugs hun xoxoxoxo


Oh Annie sounds like you've had a right one. Hope you feel on the mend very soon and pleased that Dean has come through it okay too.
hugs and best wishes xx


Oh hun, you have been so poorly, thank goodness the nice new doctor took time out to check you over properly!! Glad Dean is better soon, big hugs xxx

sara lambert

Hey Lovely, hope those anti biotics are kicking in now as we so want to see you at the weekend, we have withdrawal symptoms - it's been so long!
Was it the young dishy doctor you saw - he is very yummy!
Love the layouts xx


You poor things! Take things easy and hope you feel better soon. xx


blimey I feel like I've travelled the sick journey with you but without the chest pain - fingers crossed you are now on the road to recovery. Finally finished layout from workshop and have popped it into a frame and onto my craft room wall. Hugs

Brenda Hurd

im so glad your on the mend....how miserable. So sorry - your little one is beautiful and so are your layouts!!


Oh all right then - you are forgiven for not posting forever!! This all sounds horrid, but I'm glad you're on the mend and have had the energy to post such gorgeous photos and layouts. And poor little Dean - I hope he's feeling much better. Thank goodness for that adorable bejewelled little girl to keep your spirits up! Will catch up soon, I hope xx

kelly s.

Hope you get better soon!!

Have you read the "Fancy Nancy" Books to Addie, she would love them.
take care!!


She's so pretty !!!!
Love yours layouts..


thanks for the comment - fingers crossed you will be able to make lunch :-)

sasha farina

oh Annie!! oh Annie!! i feel so sorry for you... damn that infection! Poor girl.. so glad you're on the mend now..

Heidi Sonboul

Oh my word girl... that beach lo is AMAZING! WOW.... I mean WOW! SO SUPER AMAZING. I love ya sista and everything you make! CUTE little girl! You make me long for a daughter :)


Annie, you poor, poor girl. So pleased that you on drugs and on the mend, it sounds absolutely awful. x

Shelley Haganman

Oh my...where do I start!? First, your photos are gorgeous and the layouts totally rock!! I hope you are all feeling better each day!! My best to you all!!

noel culbertson

i am SO glad you guys got a better doc. that's terrible. hang a big quarantine flag at your house and keep taking it easy. love the pics & necklaces. where did they come from? i *need* them!

Tricia Wilson

Glad to hear you are on the mend because that did not sound like it was fun AT ALL!
On a happy note your layouts great and Addie is a cutie patootie.


That sounds horrific, Annie! Love the layouts and pics. I hope you're doing backflips now!


Tricia Peever

That little dress with the beads is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!! Gorgeous pictures!!!!

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