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April 17, 2009


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i feel lost when our internet goes down too :(
have a wonderful time in such a magical place and i'm sure you'll be back to normal on your return :) xx


You guys need a new internet provider! Too jealous about your Disney trip - but I do hope you have a fantastic time. Look forward to the photos:)


Awww so you're here on the continent right now! ;-)
I hope you have a wonderful time and bring home heaps of magical picture material.

I am sorry for the IT problems! Utterly annoying!


have a wonderful time in Disney!!! jealous here! :) can't wait to see the pics.


Hope you had a great time in Disney and that your internet is up and running soon

sasha farina

Disney!! Have fun! hope everything will be back to normal soon :)


I would crumble if I didn't have any internet. It is so hard to communicate when you live so far from relatives.. this I know. I hope it is up and running soon :)

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Ya I hate when that happens. We are moving here shortly and so the first thing we do is hook the computer up. Cant do with out. Well have fun on your trip. You will have to tell us about it when you get back.


oh boy.. disney!! how awesome! Hope your camera will still work!

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We live with technology but it's very frustrating when it does not work.

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It is frustrating when technology fails, hope things are back to normal for you.

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Good point. Glad to see that someone understands the issue.

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It would be a big disaster, i can imagine the possibilities.

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I couldn't imagine if I were in your shoe.

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enjoy the trip, hope every is well when your back.

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No internet for me would be like a day with out the sun.

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