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March 29, 2009


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sasha farina

not giving up! LOL.. Kate is so precious eh? I wanna cuddle her!


It was great to see you last week! I have one (!!) photo to send you,not sure yet about Karen's !


Give up on you??!! NEVER!!
Love all the photos, yay to the new additions.
Glad you blogged :)

greta adams

you have had a fun filled month....i haven't blogged really as much as i use to either...that's ok..life happens...enjoy it....

i still have to blog melana's birthday party...2 weeks ago....yikes...

baby kate is gorgeous congrats to your family


At last! I think you should blog again tomorrow - just to catch up!! xx


Great to see your blog back! Kate is so sweet!

Kim Sonksen

YAY another post!!!!
LOve that layout *swoon*


Hello lady friend - what a treat to get an update (as if I actually update mine much!)I am so glad you got to see both the babes while you were in Seattle - I even had a dream about you missing one! Love the photos, love the layout, love that you're back, love you! Mwaahh xxx

Brenda H

Yay - i'm so glad you finally updated this thing....:) - Glad your back on track - your trip sounds fabulous - 2 new babies - how sweet is that. Your projects are amazing my friend! Loved your article over at Scrap & Review

Shelley Haganman

Great photos and layout! I loved your project for TSR. I am going to have to use ribbon instead of binder coils next time! Thanks for the idea~


I'm so glad to "see" you here again....I missed ya!!!
love the projects and that layout!

Those newborn photos are sooooooo precious! gorgeous!


Congratulations Auntie! Precious little baby! I had a dream about you last night! You and Toni and I were at a pub in Bury drinkin' it up having a great time! Miss you!


Thanks for the update....I always check in here on my blog rounds and I am always happy to see an update :-) You create thre most wonderful stuff....love your style!


Would we ever give up on you...no way!! Cute baby Kate photos, and loving your articles for Scrap Review. See you in a few weeks at the retreat xx


Precious baby photos! and incredible layouts. Love your work! I especially like the mini album :)


oh my goodness!! congrats!! gorgeous photo's and the projects are truely droolworthy!

Tricia Wilson

Well you have been one busy girl! Baby Kate is a beauty. There is nothing like welcoming new life to the world. Congrats Auntie!

animal shaped rubber bands

the two angles are so cute.

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