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January 23, 2009


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Wow! Wears me out just reading this you crazy lady - how do you fit so many more hours into your day than I do? xxx


I don't know how you do it all LOL Love the pics of Addie, and WTG Dean with his words!!! "Hope" to see you in March xx


oh wow!!! gorgeous eyecandy..
congrats for your lil boy and the princess is just toooo cute!

sasha farina

those pics of Addie.. just too precious!!


Hey there girlie! So good to see you blogging again!!! Awww.. look at Addie.. shes's so cute with her little crown.. awww.. And WTG Dean!! So good!!! XOXO


Ahhhh those pics of Addie and Dean are fabulous!!! I can see some great layouts comin'up!! :)

And I'm with Sara...how do you fit so much in a day???


so proud of Dean, love thsoe pictures of Addie, just adorable
hoping to come over this week :)

Sarah Mclean

Your photo's are truly stunning and loving your latest work - excellent.
Just to let you know you have been tagged - pop on over to my blog to find out more.
Have fun


Hey girlie!!!
I love these photos.. your babies are just so beautiful..and those layouts too..very, very nice. I love the grannie one..the details..are oh so yummy!!


you are so sweet! Your kids are gorgeous - love the princess thing. Fabulous layouts too - i wish i had the motivation to go walking - its still to darn cold here!!


hey there ... i haven't stopped by in a long while, i guess life just got ridiculous last year. Its been fun catching up on what you've been up to ... congrats on the marathon, i am super impressed - go girl! i have just joined a running club this year, so maybe i'll get motivated to do a big race ...
luv chanel


Hey Annie!

It's been so long! Too busy to scrapbook, and then I forget to check blogs. Perhaps if I read some blogs I will get inspired! I love your pages a few posts down. Addie is so cute, and how could you not be proud of Dean. At first I read his certificate as "40 Key Words Per Minute' as in a typing spead and I had to re-read it a couple times till it clicked! You and the kidlets look fabby - adn so does the chocolate cake! Hope all is well.


I adore the layout with Addie's birthday pics - am feeling inspired to get on with it myself. I wish we could catch up in person for some scrap fun:)


annie I hope you don't hate me but I put you up for a photo tag =) you have so many beautiful photo's.. I am really curious what's the 6th picture in your 6th folder..


Gorgeous yours layout !!!!
And Addie is so beautiful...a real princess !!!!

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