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January 09, 2009


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Gorgeous photos! I know the snow was a bit of a pain...but it looks such fun!


It's so good to have you back hun - I always miss the moving of furniture when you're away - lol! Gorgeous pictures, especially that birthday one of ad's xx

Kim Sonksen

I just cannot believe HOW MUCH Miss Addie has grown and how supercute is she??
Happy New Year to you and your family


Glad you are back posting again as well.... The pics are fab. Looking forward to getting back and catching up.... take care x


wow snow on christmas day how fantastic would that be here! pleased you had a lovely holiday, and settling back to everday life :) x


She is just too cute :-)))

Glad to se you're back and looking forward to seeing new scrapbookig pages from you :-)

Aimee Westcott

yay, snow is so fun. was it still snowy here (seattle area) when you came for christmas!! that was a shock! great shots of the snow and the kids :)


Happy new year girlie!!! Gorgeous pictures again.. (Addie looks so much like you.. it's definitely a mini-you.. hehe) Happy Saturday! XOXO


loving, adire, all these photos, and the birthday photo is a gem! cannot wait to see you scrap it hun. I neeeeed to see you hun, miss you loads. How does thursday sound?


So good to see photos of your time in Seattle - looks like the best time! Really must email you the Seahawks photos - he chose 14 as his number, whatever that might mean! Talk soon x


Wonderful photos and I just can't believe how much older Miss Addie looks!


Wonderful pics, her outfit is so sophisticated!

Welcome back on European grounds! ;-)

sandy mctier

Hi Annie,
Lovely photos ~ especially love the birthday pic of Addie!
My boys were just talking last night at the dinner table about missing the village school they went to when we lived there! Swimming lessons in Bury St. Edmunds as well.
Don't miss that jet lag though at all!
Have a wonderful day.


so great to see the little ones enjoy the snow. We travelled a lot to see a little snow and have amber enjoy it.
love the "tongue" picture too.
your entering the "boycot phase" *grin*


love love your photos, so gorgeous !!!


Gorgeous photos !!!!!!

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